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From December 1st 2017, touristic rental on platforms as Airbnb or Booking became almost impossible in Paris! The best solution for you is to rent your apartment as 'Corporate Housing'' or rent it to Companies for the accommodation of their collaborator.

You can now entrust us with this task here or you can contact us.

What do I gain ?

The benefits of corporate rental for homeowners:
A more profitable clientele than individuals;
Corporate Housing offers excellent profitability under the lease term law! The rent level gives you a profitability of 20 to 30% higher than the furnished rental to private individuals and at least 50% higher than the empty rental;
Occupancy rates are higher than tourist rental rates because occupants stay much longer which greatly reduces empty periods. Your apartment will be less damaged because the tenants are very good and take care of the apartment paid by their company;
Furthermore, the companies offer you a financial solidity for the payment of the rents;
A very favorable tax, close to zero!
The furnished rental comes under the regime of Industrial and Commercial Benefits. In this scheme you deduct the interest on any borrowings, co-ownership fees, insurance and you depreciate the price of the property as well as any work and furniture;
In general you pay no taxes on rents for at least 10 years!
A good availability of your property!
Corporate Tenants rarely stay longer than one year;
Your property is therefore regularly released if you want to take care of it yourself or to house a child;
Finally, if you want to sell the property free of any occupation, the Corporate rental will allow you to get the best price for a buyer wanting to live there.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, start by filling out this form or you can contact us.

How to be prepared

The obligations of the corporate rental:
The quality of the property and its level of equipment;
The companies rent exclusively optimized goods, in an irreproachable state and offering high quality services in residential districts. We have rented more than 250 flats within a period of 10 years;
We perfectly master the specifications of companies that will rent your apartment. In case of works or furnishing, we guarantee the duration of the works as well as the budget!
A permanent service of high quality;
Companies need high quality services for the duration of the rent, from entry to exit;
We manage the entire service, including management of subscriptions, linen, weekly cleaning, maintenance of the apartment and equipment (internet, tv, hi-fi, appliances);
Indexing with major international groups;
Companies only deal with referenced providers, whose performance and services have been validated and tested. Since 10 years we are the partner of the largest international groups and relocation companies.

Let us do and enjoy the result, let us know more about your situation here or you can contact us.

What you won’t find elsewhere

Our advantages for owner:
The fixed rate premium contract without surprises!
We take care of the entire relationship on both the owner's and tenant's sides;
On the owner's side, we define the Corporate Housing standard adequate for your property and carry out the implementation for you;
We manage rental management entirely with the companies with a fixed commission deducted from the rents defined in the mandate of management without additional invoicing. We also manage all the maintenance of your apartment with our dedicated teams;
For rental purposes, we select Corporate tenants, sign leases in line with the management mandate, manage entrances and exits, maintenance of equipment, receipts;
Contact us immediately for a diagnosis of your apartment and to receive a Corporate Housing rental proposal.

With TopFrogs , you have a partner to rely on! Start by giving us the coordinates here or you can contact us.

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